Our Product Line

What do two local artisans from coastal Delaware do when they suddenly find time on their hands?  Create wonderful products that remind us of coastal living here on Delmarva and incorporate that lifestyle into yours! Coming Soon images from Bethany, Fenwick and Ocean City.

Art Pillows

The scenery of our coastal area is truly inspirational!  We have captured it and incorporated it into pillows.  Now you can enjoy the beauty in your home or beach house.

Souvenir Pillows

We captured the images as the art pillows and put them into a smaller format.  No matter how big your space there is always room to take one of our souvenir pillows home with you to keep the essence of area with you. 

Sand Dollars

Our sand dollar creations feature the most diverse sets of imagery we offer.  Use these as year round as ornaments on holiday tree which are currently available. Click on the graphic to see our Delmarva line, or click here to see our Cape Cod offering. Watch soon for the same images as magnets for the fridge, and nightlights. 

Key Fobs

We offer a very unique line of key fobs for everyone’s taste!  They incorporate different styles and we have developed a look that cannot be found anywhere else.  They include local landmarks and be sure to check out Fobs spelling out your beach town in nautical flags for a unique souvenir or gift!

Pet Products

As pet lovers, we don’t want them to miss out on all the fun.  Make sure your beloved pet is showing off their love of the beach with our themed dog leashes and collars.  Find a wide array that have whimsical nautical themes.