Sand Dollars

We are very proud of our Sand Dollar creations.  Our crafting takes an amazing creature of the water to another level.  We painstakingly place your favorite images from around the area on them so you can take it with you and admire and help you fondly remember why you love this area so much.  We hope you enjoy these as much as we delight in making them for you. All ornaments are prethreaded with red satin ribbon and we bundle each package with gold thread so you can hang it in your favorite area year round as well. Be sure to check out the Cape Cod Line of Ornaments! Coming Soon images from Bethany, Fenwick and Ocean City.

Disclosure:  Since we use real sand dollars, the variations can be great between the ornaments.  We try to use similar sizes, but within them the placement and sizes of the key holes vary in shape and placement on the dollar themselves.  We try our hardest to have the image work with each dollar, and because everything is hand done by us, there are no two alike. So enjoy the individuality of each piece!