World War II Tower Souvenir Pillow

The WWII towers were erected by the Army very quickly and were only supposed to last about 50 years.  They were made from concrete mixed with beach sand.  75 years later, still standing tall they serve as a reminder of the U.S. Army’s role in Delaware of protecting the Delaware Bay and defending the country against a naval attack. 

The tallest is 73 feet and the shortest is 37 feet, and no matter what the height they are all 17 feet in diameter. There are eleven in Delaware and their vertical windows are empty and glassless and these horizontal slits in the structure stare blankly toward the ocean.  Visitors to coastal Delaware embrace these relics as much as the ocean they come to visit.

Pillow size is 8" x 8". Constructed of heavy cotton twill fabric. This is the perfect size to tuck anywhere and remind you all year long of your visit!